What We Do

UGW Foundation specialises in four different programs as follows namely early childhood support; career advice and mentorship; Unemployed graduates, and community welfare.

Early Childhood Support

We believe self- esteem is very important in the early foundation of kids. Mostly what kids want is to be seen and recognised as equal to other kids, children who feel good about themselves have the confidence to try new things, they are more likely perform at their best potential.

We provide support to the less privileged kids in primary schools in terms of full school uniform to the children; and
workshops for building confidence in a child.

Career advice and Mentorship:

Our goal is to develop high school kids with skill needs for lifer after matric. We plan to achieve this by providing mentorship with influential mentors; provide workshops for that gives them relevant information about life after matric.

Unemployed graduate:

The rate of unemployed continues to gradually increase from year to year we want to play our role to minimize unemployment rate. We plan to do this by providing a 6 months program to unemployed graduates to engage with reputable companies in their field of career as to gain experience and exposure. This will help them with work readiness skills. UGW Foundation continues to engage with employers to get the kind of candidates they are looking for entry level of career.

Community Welfare

We care about the wellbeing of our communities and society, UGW Foundation extend its love and care to the elderly and engage in community development projects.

Assist communities being affected by COVID- 19.

We are ready to give the community the skills to a bright future, to break the chain of poverty, to develop leadership skills to youth and young ones, a safer tomorrow for everyone.